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Power Blue Pack

Doctor M Glasses, Cat-Eye, Woman, Flashy Color


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Corrective Lenses


Product&Service Warranty

Pack price SAR 550

If you buy them separately

Doctor M Premium Glasses
SAR 400
Product&Service Warranty
SAR 100
Corrective Lenses
SAR 150
Eye Test
SAR 100
Total Price
SAR 750
Pack Price
SAR 550
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Correcting vision with lenses of optimism!
Made from quality materials that are both lightweight and durable, the Doctor M® corrective lenses are designed to meet the needs of today’s customer. They offer clear vision, UV protection, and are fitted with an anti-blue light coating to protect your eyes from digital screens. (These lenses are included in all our Value-packs, at a reduced bundle price.)

Optional Add-Ons:
When you choose your Doctor M® Value Pack, you can also decide to add an extra feature to your lenses:

1. SILKEN Premium Lens Protection (+100 SAR)
Give your lenses a powerful resistance against scratches, to keep them new for longer.

2. Photochromatic Technology (+100 SAR)
Protect your eyes from strong light exposure with this technology that allows lenses to darken in extreme lighting conditions.

3. Multifocal Design (Progressive) (+150 SAR)
Combine up to three prescriptions in the same lens, so you can see close, medium, and far objects without needing to change your glasses.


The Doctor M® team of highly-qualified optometrists will examine your eyes, using the latest optical equipment. The Doctor M® eye test is included for free in all our Value Packs and also can be booked online through our website!


1 year warranty on all products 
All Doctor M® products are made from the finest materials and with the highest international standards. Any product bought at Doctor M® comes with a one-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Multifocal lens warranty
It might take some time to get used to multifocal lenses. Doctor M® understands and offers an additional warranty: if you are uncomfortable with your lenses, you can return them within 3 months of purchase and we will replace them with 2 separate eyeglasses. Price difference will be compensated.

Eye Test Warranty 
Doctor M® offers an eye test according to the latest methods and optical expertise, and is keen on customers’ full satisfaction with this service. If you have any comment or inquiry about your eye test, visit our store within 3 months and we will be glad to assist you or repeat the test for free if necessary.

Lifelong service on Value Packs
Doctor M® welcomes you anytime for eyewear maintenance and professional cleaning. This lifelong service is included in all our Value Packs and excludes cases of breakage or misuse.


Doctor M eyewear is crafted with quality materials and offers a wide selection of stylish designs available in Narrow, Standard or Wide sizes, to perfectly fit every face shape. The brand serves everyone, from all age groups and all walks of life.