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23 April 2021

Your Doctor M Store Visit Explained

Are you seeking a new shopping experience that combines convenience with speed, variety and affordability? Do you have a limited budget but don't want to compromise on eye care quality, design, and choice? A refreshing new wave of optical retail has hit KSA.

After more than a century in the optical care and retail industry across the Middle East, Magrabi Retail Group - the region's leading Eye Care Specialist and Eyewear Retailer - has unveiled a groundbreaking concept by the name of Doctor M.  Benefiting from the Group's optical expertise and crafted around its mission to provide "Eye Care for All", Doctor M offers a game-changing shopping and customer experience built on three pillars: excellent value, great store experience, and happy customers.

What's so special about this concept? Read on to find out!



The Doctor M concept revolves around delivering exceptional value, making sure to provide customers with great options within their insurance eye care coverage limit. As such, the store has crafted three value bundles that fit different incomes, all within the affordable range. The bundles comprise The Lucky Green Pack (SAR 400), The Power Blue Pack (SAR 550), and The Royal Yellow Pack (SAR 700), all of which include a free eye test, frames, corrective lenses and a 1-year warranty. Furthermore, the chain adopts a clear pricing scheme for lenses and add-ons to further enhance the 'best deal' proposition.


Yet, offering great value does not mean that Doctor M makes compromises on quality, quite the contrary. Doctor M builds on a long legacy of premium quality in eye care, through which customers benefit from reliable services and trustful advice. The chain will offer its own brand of premium quality lens with advanced protection and optimal comfort covering all vision correction needs, in addition to a handpicked selection of optical frames and sunshades by loved global brands.


From in-house optical frames to the best-selling designer shades and more, Doctor M has something to bring out the beauty in everyone's eyes! In addition to a comprehensive range of signature Doctor M frames, corrective lenses, contact lenses and cosmetic lenses, the store boasts the latest collections by international brands, not to mention a fun selection of accessories including chains for both kids and adults.


Understanding evolving customer needs has been critical for developing the Doctor M concept, and this can be felt at various levels of the customer experience. One of the main needs that the new concept seems to cater to is the need for a highly efficient shopping experience. In fact, by ensuring several test rooms, dedicated counters for faster transactions, and a thematic merchandise display, a shopper's journey at Doctor M does not exceed 25 minutes, including checking in, taking the eye test, selecting the frame and lens, making the insurance claim, and settling the due payment.

Moreover, Doctor M adopts a visual merchandising system based on frame size and shape that allows customers to easily filter down their preferred area of selection based on the size of frame they prefer: narrow, standard or wide. Also, once customers get their lenses customized, they can pick them up within just 24 hours. Talk about convenience!


Doctor M is set to be the new cool brand on the block. Its spacious and trendy interiors are packed with positive vibes, animated by a young and friendly team whose main mission is to spread smiles and offer an optimistic lens on life. From consistent quality and exceptional value, to surprisingly efficient value bundles, trustworthy eye tests, and product and service warranty policies, Doctor M's customers are pampered to say the least.


Even before they step into the shop, customers will be attracted by Doctor M's colorful interiors popping out from the glass window. Once in, shoppers will embark on a smooth and seamless journey inside the store, where everything is neatly organized and displayed according to color-coded zones and relevant counters. Every customer will follow six easy and fully guided steps:

1. The Check In Counter

Upon arrival, a dedicated staff member will register new customers; open them a file; book them a test appointment; brief them about the Doctor M concept and bundles; guide them to their next step; and direct them to the waiting area.

2. The Test Room

Customers will then be led from the waiting room to one of the three test rooms, where Doctor M's professional optometrists can perform several tests for different customers at the same time. Shoppers will benefit from expert eye care advice and avail a free eye health assessment.

3. The Optician Counter

Once the test is done, customers will be directed to the Optician Counter, where they receive their eye test results and customize the type of lenses that best suit their specific needs.

4. Frame Selection

Now comes the time to select the right pair of glasses. Depending on the bundle they opted for, customers will be directed to the corresponding display, where they can choose any frame they please.

5. Insurance Checkout Counter

At the end of their shopping experience, customers will make a quick stop by the Insurance Checkout Counter, dedicated to insurance inquiries and claims.

6. Cash Checkout & Pickup Counter

Finally, customers head to the Cash Checkout & Pickup Counter where they can swiftly settle their purchases or pick up their orders.

Doctor M will operate a chain of optical stores across the Kingdom, set in prime locations to get closer to customers wherever they are, with plans to expand to the region. It celebrates people in their diversity and simplicity, spreading smiles across the Kingdom, one happy shopper at a time. So, what are you waiting for? Visit a Doctor M store near you today!

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