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23 April 2021

Why Purchase Your Eyewear at Doctor M?

Trends are changing fast, and shoppers of eyewear feel the need to keep up with fresh new looks that are complemented by matching shades. So, instead of spending small fortunes on designer sunglasses, sometimes they choose trendiness over quality. However, with optical glasses, things are different. For many consumers, the challenges of finding the right eyeglasses they want come down to two things: access and affordability.

This is where Doctor M steps in to break the cycle and offer quality eyewear at exceptional value, bringing consumers an optimistic lens on life! Discover the four top reasons why purchasing your eyewear at Doctor M makes perfect sense.

#1: Your Insurance Covers Your Eyewear Purchase

A vast majority of shoppers in Saudi Arabia benefit from an eye care insurance ceiling of SAR 400 per year. With this in mind, Doctor M has created a convenient bundle system, which includes great value packs that start at SAR 400, allowing consumers to purchase a comprehensive optical package within their insurance coverage.

The Doctor M introduces three color-coded bundles that are designed to give you more value and convenience:

1. The Lucky Green Pack: This starter bundle priced at SAR 400 is a real breakthrough. Fully covered by the insurance, it comprises an expert eye test, an optical frame by Doctor M, customized corrective lenses by Doctor M, and a one-year warranty on both the frame and lenses.

2. The Power Blue Pack: Priced slightly higher is the Lucky Power Blue pack worth SAR 550. This bundle is still accessible by a large portion of shoppers who wish to have a bigger choice in picking their frames by Doctor M while still benefiting from the professional eye test, the made-to-measure lenses, and the one-year warranty.

3. The Royal Yellow Pack: This is the best-in-class bundle by Doctor M, priced at SAR 700. Similar to the two other bundles, it offers a free eye assessment, customized corrective lenses, and a one-year warranty. The only difference is that shoppers unlock a new privilege: to buy their frames from the store's Designer Collection.

#2: You Can Finally Enjoy a Vast Choice of Eyewear Within Your Budget

Now that you know what bundle to pick, you'd be delighted to know that you have gained access to a wide range of quality optical frames to suit your taste and face. The Doctor M signature collection brings you a great choice of sturdy frames for men, women, and children, featuring contemporary designs and a vibrant palette of colors. Every bundle is assigned a designated color-coded area with large display windows divided per frame size and shape (narrow, standard, and wide) to help you easily browse around. You can choose whatever frame you like from your bundle corner without having to ask for the price every time you pick a model off the shelf. How relieving!

The choice is also yours in regards to the type of corrective lenses you prefer. While all bundles give you access to Doctor M's premium quality lenses which offer the best vision clarity, advance protection, and optimal comfort, you can still benefit from add-ons at a fixed price: adding the antireflection feature is for an additional SAR 150; the Blue-Light Protection feature is for SAR 50; photochromic lenses are for SAR 100; and Progressive Lenses are SAR 150. Everything is crystal clear, so you won't have any bad surprises at the cash counter.

However, variety in choice is not limited to optical frames. In fact, Doctor M brings you an eclectic collection of in-house and designer sunglasses, eyewear accessories such as glasses chains, and contact lenses for corrective or cosmetic use. You'll be spoiled for choice!

#3:  You Have Absolutely Nothing to Worry About

Every purchase you make at Doctor M brings you peace of mind and trust that you have made the right choice and invested in the right eye care partner. Why? Simply because the shop's highly advantageous warranty and service program allows customers to benefit from the following:

1. 1-Year Quality Guarantee

Within 1 year of purchasing your glasses (frames and lenses), if you find any defects relating to material or production faults, Doctor M vows to repair or replace them for you, completely free of charge.

2. Multifocal Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your newly bought multifocals, you can simply return them to Doctor M within three months of your purchase and exchange them for two pairs of single-vision glasses (one for reading and one for distance). Also, the store will refund any price difference.

3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Eye Test Warranty

If you have, within three months of your purchase, any concerns regarding your vision while using a product bought from Doctor M or the eye test you've taken, you can return to the store to get things straightened.

4. Product and Service Warranty for Bundle Buyers

Bundle beneficiaries can come back to the store anytime to get their glasses adjusted or professionally cleaned. This is a free service that covers maintenance and adjustments during the lifespan of your glasses.

#4: You Will Love the Experience!

The Doctor M shopping experience is truly game-changing. Spacious and inviting, each store redefines the customer journey by making it flow smoothly and hassle-free. You will feel the good and comfy vibes from the moment you step in, to the second you leave. Everything inside will draw a smile on your face and make you feel at ease: friendly and helpful staff members; expert and knowledgeable optometrists; three test rooms to reduce waiting time; appealing interiors with carefully thought merchandising displays; and specialized help desks for eye test booking, insurance claims, checkout and order pickups, and lens customization.

Ready to shop at Doctor M? Find your nearest branch here.

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